Maison Brune

The Maison de Suzelle for 25 years has become Maison Brune. Located in the heart of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, Maison Brune carries out all your most personalized and ambitious interior design projects. Real made-to-measure masterpieces, luxurious kitchens with incomparable charm and all other ultra-sophisticated furnishing creations… For you, we will create the dressing room that suits you, the perfect bathroom, the ideal master-room or yet the whole living room universe coordinated perfectly with your kitchen and your living space. Your project will be ours.

Maison Brune

Who are we ?

The art and the way of surprising you, for more than twenty years. Maison Brune takes pleasure in making your dreams come true. Our mark is that of style, quality, uniqueness. A bold design, a timeless kitchen.


Our showroom

Maison Brune is a real design office for your kitchen, but not only… Our showroom offers you the finishing touch. The one that will make the difference. Each style has its own design. Between simplicity and originality, the kitchen of your dreams becomes reality. And Maison Brune will be happy to bring all your development projects to life.


Recognized know-how


Our job ? Dare to nourish your senses. The kitchen, a friendly and generous living space where laughter and words will be born. One-of-a-kind quality materials for unparalleled touch sensations. Culinary daring then takes on its full meaning. Between taste and scents, the kitchen plays with the 5 elements. A perfect harmony between water, wood, metal, earth and fire. All this through a unique design, a striking reflection of your personality.