La Maison de Suzelle

Located in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, La Maison de Suzelle has been working its magic since 1996, offering genuine custom-made masterpieces to bring exquisite beauty to those special times in your life. Create unforgettable memories in a luxury kitchen exuding unparalleled charm.

Qui sommes-nous ?

La Maison

About Us

We have been combining artistry with the ability to surprise for over twenty years. Founded in 1996, La Maison de Suzelle derives great pleasure from making your dreams a reality. Style, quality and uniqueness are in our DNA. Timeless kitchens are born of bold design.

Notre showroom


Our Showroom

As well as offering a complete design office for creating your new kitchen, the showroom at La Maison de Suzelle is an opportunity for you to select the finishing touches that make all the difference. There is a design to suit every style. Whether simple or highly original, we make your dream kitchen a reality.

Un savoir faire reconnu


Renowned Craftsmanship

Our job? To nourish your senses. The kitchen is the hub of family life, where conversation and laughter reign supreme. Culinary skills come into their own when accentuated by unique, high-quality materials with an exquisite look and feel. Five perfectly balanced ingredients are needed for this masterpiece of good taste: water, wood, metal, earth and fire. All wrapped up in a unique design concept that reflects your personality to perfection.

SSubervie site.jpg

La Maison de Suzelle supports the artist and sculptor Sylvain Subervie

Following on from his success in Cannes and Monaco, the artist and sculptor Sylvain Subervie is exhibiting at the La Maison de Suzelle showroom on Route de Saint-Tropez, Gassin. Sylvain Subervie spent a long time exploring the fringes of the art world, gradually moving from a fashion, couture and design background into creating his own works. This period of observation gave him an opportunity to finely hone his style and direction before choosing his path. Aware that his role is to add beauty to everything he touches, he is an advocate of Maurice Druon’s view that "art makes life honourable and therefore more bearable.”

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